~ Let’s Be Real (Support System) ~

Feel free to share whatever issues you are facing…whatever hardships you are trying to find your way through. Don’t be discouraged by what you are going through because you are not ALONE. We  are all in [THIS  <—–*insert what you are going through here] together. If you need someone to be there with you – I hope that all who encounter this blog will come to know the great asset that support is. Others can provide insights, advice, prior experiences, etc. so that we can all develop together. We can be a ‘helping’ people.


Feeling alone does hurt. I think that we credit feeling alone to actually being alone. I’ve experienced loneliness greatly amongst others. Sometimes, it’s good to be alone to learn who you are, become attuned with yourself. Other times, I wonder what separates us from others and makes us feel a distinguished identity from those who we surround ourselves with. Loneliness. We all go through it, some times may be necessary and others voluntary. When I feel alone I try to find something new about myself or I try to focus my energy on making those who are in my life not feel alone. It’s good to have the company you keep–keep you! If they don’t; perhaps, you are better off alone.


“taking a CHANCE. worse thing that could happen? i FAIL, then TRY again.” ~ Alexis Cartey

Fear, some say is imagined. Others say it is a mechanism that keeps us from making progress. Anyone else ever feel afraid? And I don’t mean afraid, like terrified or due to danger because I would think we have reason to have strong emotions of dread because of such circumstances. However, fear without failure – have you experienced that? I think it is easy to think of fear in the common phrases, “what if” or “if I do this…this MIGHT happen”. It has taken me 21 years to go out and at least try! I’m ready to find out ‘what if…’ because If I don’t tread through that water I will never know what could be; what blessings are on the other side. Sometimes, we have to go through. Actually, we always have to go through because, if not, we will never come out of where we have been and we already know what that is and feels like. Let us stop being stuck and paralyzing ourselves. In 2011, fear is not an option for me. I have to move forward, faith being my guide.

P.S. Fear,

I’ve forgotten you.


Growth is simple. It is hard, but simple. Growth hurts because you have to stretch. Whether it be in your finances, relationships, physical standing, mental, etc. – growth means beyond where you are; development; increase. I think that growth is hard because sometimes, in order to have increase, we have to get rid of some things to make room for it. Growth, ultimately, is a GOOD thing! Why stay where you’ve been? When there is always MORE for you to obtain, possess, and learn? Even in its difficulty, I challenge us (myself included) to decide to get more out of living and GROW UP!

“We grow in age and yet we never grasp being grown in actions” ~TrinityIzReal


Simply remembering…

I can’t be who I was yesterday
Living in today

I can live in today knowing that It’ll never be repeated
How about this moment?
It has slipped away before my eyes

Simply remembering…

I remember
I reflect
Realizing that things change
And whether or not we are ready for it doesn’t really matter

I’ve grown to understand the ways of the mortal
Matters of the moment consume the perfect vision of tomorrow
We grow in age and yet we never grasp being grown in actions


Let’s change the pace
Run a race toe-to-toe with yourself
Who wins?
Yourself of course-no one was running against you

Now run in reflection
Did you really win?
Reflecting isn’t about winning
Its about remembering and changing for the better

Let’s simply remember
Resolve to change for the better


Random Thoughts I’ve Had

1. How can those who doubt the existence of God do so when His very name established/establishes time?

What does B.C mean? I was taught that this means: Before Christ….

I’ve never heard of time established by any other names…not bashing/downing or disrespecting….Muhammad, Buddha, Gandhi, etc.

I mean let’s think about this. As if B.C was just too much to handle for those who doubt, new terminology was developed – (higher education institutions – “go figure” for the church and state being separate, “B.C.E” meaning, Before the Common Era (religious coexistence – ‘BLAH’ is my response) I guess the truth makes doubts uncomfortable.

Hey, that’s why the truth shall set ‘you’ free. Live in truth and you will be freed from doubt/uncomfortability * I don’t know if that’s a word but USE context clues, lol.

“I’ve yet to see the truth fail”

2. Why is it that happiness is only realized or considered when one finds themselves in the midst of hell or hurt?

3. When does disappointment get to a point where it commands change for deliverance?

4. Why/How does hurt get healed and healing hurts? Where’s the help (lol but really)?

5. How is it that the government doesn’t realize the impact of religion? The binding of it makes for corruption and chaos. Why take prayer out of the public schools but leave them in private, charter, etc. schools? ( I prayed all the time in my public high school and the world didn’t come to an end). Wait, really? Does the government foster religious pursuits in its convenience? Sept. 11, 2001  – unity arose in/with prayer. No protests then? No prayer being abolished then? However, Barack Obama’s religious affiliations were degraded and ‘trampled to death’ by none other than […] ?

Isn’t it funny how, living makes you wiser but all throughout life you live to try to figure out why those ‘up in years’ folks who tell you ‘baby keep living’ are the same folk who don’t use the wisdom they tell you you’ll get…is that wise?

Why does everyone say relationships are hard work? Stop assuming, wondering and asking your friends what to do or think. Communicate with the other ‘relating’ being, otherwise that relationship won’t even be hard work – it will be non-existent. Be honest and tell the truth. Ha, those mean the same thing but maybe it’s easier for some to get it twice and if it’s said differently.


Exposed. Open. Real. Honest. Intimate. = words that I think of when I think of the matter of vulnerability. I enjoy being vulnerable because although others may not want to be, I find most relate to anything I’ve ever disclosed out of being vulnerable. I find it interesting that people want others to be honest with them but won’t share their truth with another. I understand, the risk that is taken with being vulnerable. You don’t want others in your business but consider that your business may benefit them. Sometimes, sharing is support for others who you share honesty with. I’m just trying to have people relate to me, learn from my mistakes and for them to teach me so I don’t make more of the same. Being vulnerable is getting rid of things that occupy your heart. After I let things go through being vulnerable there is more space in my heart (to continue sharing)!

 You ever want to be vulnerable but didn’t because you were afraid of judgment? Well, all I can say is, If you are vulnerable – you can only be judged for truth. Lies can’t change the real things that have happened to you or that you’ve done. Be encouraged, and whether you share it with others or not – live in truth!


You all may stop reading my blog after I make this next statement but I’ll risk it. I think friendship is a mystery; seriously. I feel that I choose my friends particularly, but I don’t know how. If you have ever listened to me talk, I’ll often say “Oh yeah, my friend…uh not my friend, this girl/guy I know…” I can’t even explain it, it just always seems more like a feeling. I think friendship is very important. I’ve often thought of certain friends who only call me when they need me for something and then I’ve considered the fact that I do the same thing and began to wonder if I was wrong for thinking/accepting that a person will be used for what he/she is good for and beyond that, why bother? Let me give a scenario. If I’m in a bind and I need a financial favor, I wouldn’t call a friend who calls me to borrow money from me. If I have an issue and I just need someone to listen to me vent/rant/scream/cry, I wouldn’t call a friend who doesn’t have time to devote to me. I don’t know, I really can’t explain it. Anyway, I cherish friendship. Anyone who considers me a friend makes my heart smile! I can’t even describe what that means to me. I think a lot of people use ‘friend’ loosely and rather quickly. I’ve realized that such people can be those who consider me a friend but I still am grateful to be considered  a  friend; especially when I’ve really earned it!  Are there standards for friendships in your life? Is anyone you meet your friend? How do you choose them? I’m working on getting rid of unnecessary stress and drama so that I can be a better person in 2011. I hope that learning more about myself will help me be a better friend as well! Choose wisely! Surround yourself with people who care about you (not the drama and issues that you go through but YOU – who you are). Be YOU! Know that people will be able to keep you in their lives if you are who you were when they met you. Let us stop trying to impress others because just because pretending can get you a friend, it won’t allow you to stay, unless of course you hang around pretenders. Let’s be real, honest and true! I am blessed to not only be called a friend of God but to be called a friend by others, as well!


Who knows how to describe this word? God’s love is unconditional. Love is real. Love is strong. Love is satisfying. Love is hard to come by. Love is rare. Love is giving. Love is felt and appreciated. Love is what love is. Love can’t be subtracted from or added to. It simple is love on its own!


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